Effective Tips to Implement a Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Posted by David Vannoy on Sep 27, 2017 11:03:21 AM

With recent advances in shipping software technology, a large number of companies have been using multi-carrier shipping software for achieving operational efficiencies and controlling costs.

The innovative software is suitable for all organizations, especially those operating nationally and internationally.

Expanding businesses as well as those with a wide range of products in multiple sizes, weights and dimensions could also benefit from the shipping software. By categorizing and streamlining shipments, the software can assist you to gain an edge over others in a highly competitive arena.

Centrally located and managed, a multi-carrier shipping software helps keep track of shipments. You can view and track shipment status from anywhere, at anytime.

The software automates different shipping operations, which help save users time and money.

From creating labels and packing to order dispatch and tracking, you can keep track of important details online. It also offers effective integration with multiple ERP systems and makes domestic and international shipping faster and smoother.

Using multi-carrier software will benefit your business and take it to the next level. But, results often depend on the implementation of the software.

Successful implementation of a multi-carrier system is based on the following factors:

  • The shipping software should meet your company’s needs and goals. It should also adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the shipping and logistics industry. To check the software’s compatibility with your organizational processes and employees, it’s important to test it thoroughly.
  • Invest in a scalable software. Also, make sure you have backup resources to ensure you are covered if anything goes wrong.
  • Discuss software installation cost, timeline and expected returns with the shipping software company.
  • Invest in employee training. Your employees need time to get the hang of the new software. Conduct training workshops to make them understand software functioning.
  • Maintain open communication with your software provider. Ideally, you should work with someone who offers you complete technical support. If you experience any technical issues with the software, their technical team should be able to resolve it.

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