Reduce Customer Returns With Packaging Design

Posted by Susan Muro on April 16, 2018 5:19:00 PM

When a business accepts an order, it enters into a contract with the consumer to deliver the product in optimal condition at their choice of location.

Shipping Software The e-commerce industry is thriving on the premise of convenience and timely-delivery, but this on-time delivery will be of no use if the product is damaged in transit.

It is imperative to make sure your packages are sturdy enough to reduce the damage caused during transportation.


Reasons Behind Damage

FedEx and UPS deliver around 8 billion packages each year. Out of these, 8 million are reported to be damaged or lost in transit. Moreover, mishandling of the package when sorting or storing may also cause harm. Therefore, make sure your packages are able to sustain:

Shipping Software
  • - Falls
  • - Wear tear due to storage
  • - Movement of the conveyor belt
  • - Compression from being stacked in a pile
  • - Temperature or humidity change

It is difficult to monitor the packaging of each product, but you can automate your supply chain process.

Integrate a shipping software in your e-commerce process. This way, you get real time data on packaging and best carrier options.

With the availability of size and weight data, you can design a packaging parameter for your production. This will allow you to make cost effective packaging decision without wastage of material.


Guidelines For Choosing Packaging Material



Fragile products need to be centered in the box and packed in way to limit movement or breakage. The empty spaces in the box can be filled to limit movement, or fragile products can be packed with other goods to provide protection.


Edge Crush Test

An ECT determines the strength and stack-ability of a box. If a box is damaged, it will not provide adequate protection to the stored items. Single wall boxes are recommended for transport of small good; for large orders, double or triple wall boxes should be used.


Support Liquid

Supply of liquids can be tricky. Perfumes and fancy oils come in fragile bottles that need to be handled with care. They must be packed separately with padded security.


Common Material Used For Packaging


Outer Packaging
  • - Polybags are commonly used for small orders. They provide effective water resistance and don’t add structural support to the package. They are used as an outer layer for an already boxed item.
  • - Jiffy bags are similar to polybags with an additional feature of padded security to the items. They are small and can be used to deliver small, non-breakable objects.
  • - Corrugated Boxes are available in single and double walls. They provide sufficient rigidity to impact and are readily available in the market.
Shipping Software
Brace For Impact
  • - Bubble wraps provides sufficient cushion to the items without causing any damage to the material.
  • - Brown paper acts as a thin layer of protection, but it cannot sustain heavy pressure.
  • - Corrugated rolls are generally used to line boxes to prevent damage from fall.
  • - Air cushions can also be added if the product is fragile.

A detailed packaging control can be monitored, while ensuring timely delivery with the help of shipping software. ProcessWeaver’s e-Commerce shipping software allows packing and delivery with just a few clicks.

With our multi-carrier solutions, you can cut cost, avail best carrier options, track products, and ensure customer retention for your business. Call 888.932.8373 to schedule a live demo.


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