SAP Transportation Management – What You Need to Know About It

Posted by Susan Muro on Mar 27, 2018 5:19:00 PM

SAP Transportation Management System helps shipping companies streamline some of their processes by letting them consolidate shipping orders and maximize their revenues by limiting expenses.

The SAP TMS eases the process of transportation planning by forecasting demand and shipment volumes to minimize errors. The purpose of the TMS is to improve shipment, fleet and logistics management while allowing real-time monitoring of local and global shipping across all transportation channels and industries.


What does SAP TMS do?

SAP TMS provides a single platform that integrates all business and logistics process. Businesses have the option of running SAP TMS the traditional way with the help of ERP systems or using SAP S/4HANA (decentral or embedded).

Here are a few ways the system makes transportation easier:

  • It uses advanced technology to narrow down and combine all process associated with transportation management.
  • It offers cost-efficient and customer compliant transportation plans that can be implemented
  • It gathers and optimizes all shipment whether local, international, inbound or outbound
  • Efficiently buy or sell freight capacity on ships by centralizing the order management process.
  • Enhance logistics to improve the number of on-time deliveries and levels of customer service.
  • Manage large quantities of shipment and logistics data for detailed analysis and planning.


How it helps companies

Faster planning


By consolidating all processes and suggesting executable plans, SAP TMs has significantly sped up transportation planning.


Improves carrier selection

SAP TMS helps shipment companies make informed decisions about carrier selection


Greater control over transportation costs

It provides more clarity to the planning process, giving businesses better control over their expenses.

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