IC-Fluid Power Goes Live with ProcessWeaver’s XCARRIER™ shipping platform running on SAP HANA-Powered By Business One

Posted by David Vannoy on Aug 17, 2017 10:15:03 AM

THE CUSTOMER: IC-Fluid Power, located in Northwood, OH is a global hydraulic component sourcing company founded to provide easy access to high-quality, European/German hydraulic technology, components and solutions.

According to Bernd Hunger, VP at IC-Fluid: “The customer service received by the ProcessWeaver team has been excellent. The product was installed on-budget and on-time. Any errors that came up during implementation and afterwards were quickly and painlessly corrected. We are very happy with our choice of ProcessWeaver and highly recommend the xCarrier product.”


THE CHALLENGE: IC-fluid Power faced several challenges with their outbound shipping operation prior to implementing xCarrier. Much of this was due to the fact that their previous shipping system (UPS WorldShip) did not integrate with their SAP Business One HANA ERP system. This lack of integration forced shippers to manually enter every new shipping addresses and other data which resulted in more errors—such as incorrect shipping methods—all of which impacted their customers and their transportation costs. Administratively, after customer orders were shipped out, staff had to manually enter tracking numbers and shipping costs into their ERP. Even though they were using technology to automate their shipping, due of lack of integration, too many manual processes necessitate making a change.


THE RESULTS: By automating and integrating their outbound shipping with XCARRIER, IC-Fluid Power eliminated data input errors (bad address information, account numbers, shipping methods, and correct billing) which were resulting in nonrecoverable billing surcharges and adjustments. Another key benefit of integrating with their ERP is that shippers no longer had to rely on reading and interpreting shipping instructions, with the they were shipping a customer’s order correctly. Today, with one simple scan, XCARRIER pulls information from SAP Business One, and each package is weighed, rated, labels and documents printed, shipments tendered to their carriers, and key information is instantly sent back to their ERP. According to Ben Hunger “We have eliminated an entire source of possible errors. Now, the shipments process the way customer service inputs them into the system. Furthermore, shipping costs with the company-approved markup process and tracking numbers are automatically sent back to the Business One invoicing process. This means that shipping costs are consistently invoiced and there are no errors in the tracking number input.” IC-Fluid Power has also improved customer service and supply chain visibility by using XCARRIER to track all shipments going to their customers


Amit Patel, Sales Director for ProcessWeaver, said: “Receiving HANA certification is just another milestone for our company. The future is cloud, speed and performance is critical. We’re here to provide the greatest value to our customers!”

Located in Santa Clara, CA, ProcessWeaver has been helping shippers around worldwide bring together technology and process improvement to empower better shipping. We build and deploy advanced multi-carrier shipping and tracking software that used by tens-ofthousands of shippers in more than 80 countries. Our XCARRIER shipping platform provide compliant shipping for more than 200 global carriers and logistics service providers including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, TNT, Canada Post, Expeditors, DB Schenker, Kuhne+Nagel and hundreds of more parcel, LTL, FTL, Freight Forwarders, Ocean, and Rail carriers. ProcessWeaver has also received Notable Mention in Gartner’s most recent Magic-Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems. There is a reason why millions and millions of packages are shipped each year on systems provided by ProcessWeaver.

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