How Digital Integration Helped Swiss Watch Experts Increase Efficiency By UPS Ready® and ProcessWeaver Inc.

Case Study: Mikron

Solution: UPS Ready®

Solution Partner: ProcessWeaver Inc

The Customer: Passion and precision have always been at the heart of Mikron’s business in the Swiss town of Biel.

Swiss watches demand gears of the most exquisite tolerances, and Mikron established its business by building the most accurate gear cutting machines in existence. More than 20 years later, precision, accuracy and service continue to be core company values, and Mikron have experienced Significant growth in global markets. Today, Mikron’s business has expanded beyond just supporting the time keeping industry.

The Challenge: Many systems, but no integration

The Result: Seamless data flow, benefitting company and customers

“UPS helps us to ensure that our valued customers will receive their goods when they expect to receive them, on time and in perfect”


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Download Case Study