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xCarrier® integrated TMS platform for Global UPS shippers


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xCarrier® is used by tens-of-thousands of shippers around the world.

Enable shipper to pack, weigh, accurately rate, validate address, tender & track shipments for all UPS services.

Designed to operate as an extension of your ERP, xCarrier provides automation that helps you pack and ship more efficiently so you ensure that the right item, gets to the right customer, at the time and place they need it.

The xCarrier platform is certified by industry-leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica, Oracle NetSuite, and many other ERP, WMS, and e-Commerce platforms that are customer-validated

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UPS Ready® Integration

UPS Ready® Integration

UPS Ready multi-carrier shipping management systems help customers manage their shipping processes by helping to streamlining logistics, manage costs, and providing customers flexibility.

xCarrier® is a fully ERP integrated, enterprise wide native shipping and manifesting solution. UPS technology and services are integrated into the xCarrier® TMS Platform and gives seamless user experience

This empowers UPS shippers to perform UPS compliant shipping directly from within their backend system, thereby eliminating redundant business processes.

How Our Platform Helps

The Core Functionality

Accurate Carrier Rating

Accurate rating to improve invoice accuracy and reporting on freight accruals


Logistics Data Quality

Reduce the frequency of errors that result from bad or missing shipping and regulatory data


Transportation Cost Optimize

Reduce transportation costs by consolidation opportunity


Shipping Execution

Weigh, rating, shipping, label & document printing, Mobile BOL, and carrier tendering


Tracking & Monitoring

Track shipments through to POD and be alerted to supply chain exceptions

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How Our Platform Helps You

Extended Functionality
Van Image

Spot Bid Portal

Simplify the posting of loads to carriers to get the best rate via your own collaboration portal


Global Trade Filing

Eliminate filing costs and data redundancy issues by filing your export information electronically


Supplier Portal

Manage supplier inbound and drop ships from your suppliers via your own collaboration portal integrated with ERP


Freight Auditing

Reduce transportation costs from receiving carrier invoices electronically for freight auditing and analytics



Boost accuracy and reduce transportation costs though intelligent packing proposals


Dangerous Goods

Reduce the complexity of shipping hazardous material and ensuring regulatory compliance


Dock Schedule

Automate and transform warehouse dock operations, while collaborating with your carriers


Final Mile Delivery

Capture pick up and delivery events from carriers who cannot provide tracking information to you currently

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