An Extensive Multi-Carrier Management API Toolkit For Any ERP, WMS, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Or Any System
Integrated With Over 250+ Carriers Globally.

Multi-Carrier Shipping API is for next generation digital logistics operations

What is Multi-Carrier Shipping API ?

Multi-carrier shipping API is a collection of programming technologies that allows a user to build customized carrier manifesting solutions for ERP, WMS, E-Commerce, Marketplace, or any internal customer systems.

Multi-Carrier shipping API enables integration between shipping carriers and organizations’ business systems. It is a Single API to provide seamless integration with hundreds of carriers around the world. Designed for any type of business with small to very high volume shippers.

Multi-Carrier Shipping API is available both On-Premise & Cloud


Freight Shopping API

Enables shippers to freight shop across carriers. Choose the right carrier at the lowest cost. Selection can be based on cost, customer preference, and time-in-transit considerations.

Address Validation API

Validating a shipping address helps ensure prompt and accurate delivery of shipment. Address validator is available for more than 245 countries and territories globally. No more address correction surcharges.

Export Filing API

File electronically to avoid delays at customs. Proper filing of importing and exporting of your shipments can avoid potential problems in the clearance of your shipments.

Denied Party Screening API

Seamless denied party screening at customer master, vendor master, sales/purchase orders, and shipment execution ensures that to prevent fines, loss of export privileges and organization’s reputation.

Dangerous Goods Shipping API

Shipment data is validated against DOT, ADR, and IATA regulations (and specific carriers) so that all your hazmat shipping papers, parcel carrier labels and Bills of Lading are printed correctly.

Shipment Execution API

Fully automated planning and execution include address validation, rating, picking, packing, weighing, booking, carrier label, document printing, and carrier tendering for all modes of transportation.

Shipment Visibility API

Increase customer satisfaction with automated and proactive monitoring of in-transit shipments from carrier pick up to delivery, including providing Proof of Delivery (POD) information.

Returns Authorization API

Make every order a great experience. Enable self-service return portal by providing your shoppers with a seamless and hassle free returns experience that’s is tailored to your organization policies. Automate the printing of return labels and track the returns from your ERP and WMS platforms

Cartonization & Palletization API

Evaluates the items, quantities, and item properties and determines the optimal packing configuration including number/type of package/container(s). Visualization tool to enable packer to optimally pack items.

Supply Chain Logistics Events IOT API

Delight your customers, every step in supply chain & logistics process, providing you insights to transform your supply chain strategy and deliver transparency form anywhere and anytime.

PW Multi-Carrier Shipping API – Single API for all of your carriers

Easily integrates with Parcel, LTL, TL, Freight Forwarders provided services into your ERP, WMS, E-Commerce, or custom business platforms.


Streamline Operations

Integrate common shipping carrier functionality into your business workflow.

Save Time

Save time by automating common processes like rate and service selection, generating labels, and exchanging data between information sources.

Industry Standard

Conforms to industry standards and is compatible with developer tools.

Increased Flexibility

Gives organizations greater flexibility by allowing programmers to integrate shipping functionality directly into your business systems.

Single API

All major carriers (small parcel, LTL, TL and freight forwards) services are integrated with a single API call.

Flexible deployment options for Shipping Multi-Carrier API

On-premises Shipping API

Deploy the multi-carrier shipping API to your on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid Shipping API

Deploy the multi-carrier shipping API to your hybrid infrastructure

Cloud Shipping API

Deploy the multi-carrier shipping API to cloud infrastructure.