Challenges Of Inbound Shipping

Inbound logistics is receiving a lot of attention as organizations continue to look for ways to manage transportation spend, gain visibility of inbound shipments, and have control on the entire inbound shipping process. ERP systems do not offer carriers or suppliers or buyers a platform for inbound shipping process.

Supplier TMS Portal offers an easy-to-use application to address this critical challenge.

Less Hassle, More Control, More Savings, Better Visibility, and More Power.

Built for flexibility

Supplier TMS Portal offers ultimate flexibility in logistics operations, technology, and scale. Our inbound logistics shipping platform empowers both suppliers and buyers to adapt to changing business needs.

Supplier TMS Portal (STP) at a glance

Enables Logistics/Transportation team to setup the Routing guide.

Eliminates fraudulent use with confidential carrier account numbers.

Automatically select optimal and cost effective ship method.

Real-time collaboration between Suppliers, Carriers, and Buyers.

Automatically select optimal and cost effective ship method.

Prints all the required shipping documents including Shipping labels, ASN label, Packing List, etc.

Provides a workflow approval process for expedited shipments.

Creates the Inbound delivery document systematically.

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