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The iMayl Experience



Better than easy. It’s brilliantly simple.

iMayl allows you to improve visibility and stop wasting time receiving and accounting
for internal mail packages once a carrier has delivered them to your facility.














Log a Package

Carrier delivers packages and you log them in


Simply take a picture of the address label and iMayl receives the package into your facility. The chain of custody begins.







Deliver a Package

User making delivery to addressee takes a picture of the internal tracking label and can also captures a signature.







Track a Package

After taking the picture you can confirm recipient and add any details about the package that may be relevant. Click save and an on-demand internal tracking label can be printed and recipient is notified by email of its arrival.

How It Helps Your Organization


iMayl helps you improve visibility and accountability and stop wasting time receiving, dispatching, tracking items coming into and leaving your facilities

Ease of Use
Simply take a picture of incoming mail packages and let iMayl do the rest.

Activity Alerts and Notifications
iMayl notifies recipients when packages are received and out for delivery.

Chain of Custody
iMayl records all receiving, tendering, and delivery events so you have complete chain of custody.

iMayl is eco-friendly by allowing you eliminate the need for paper, paper clutter on your desk and in our landfills.

Why there’s nothing quite like iMayl.



iMayl is fully adapts to your process and doesn't need technical resources. iMayl’s package logging and tracking software for both inbound and outbound software is easy to learn and a breeze to customize, so you can focus on business instead of learning a tool.


Software should be more than a collection of features. That, above all, A software should be absolutely simple, flexible, and magical to use.




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