Everything You Need to Know about Desktop Shipping Solutions

Posted by Christina Nathan on Sep 20, 2017 11:25:00 AM

We tend to hear a lot about technology boosting business efficiency and maximizing savings. But what role does it play in logistics, and how exactly does it contribute to the eCommerce industry?

Three words: desktop shipping software.

A web-enabled user interface designed exclusively for eCommerce businesses, desktop shipping software is, hands-down, the most effective ways to streamline and automate the shipping process.

AsEasily integrated with a variety of other management systems, it offers incredible features like multi-carrier rate-shopping, cloud order management, flexible routing and scalability to make non-production shipping the norm in eCommerce.

Offering state-of-the-art solutions to complex shipping problems, desktop shipping operations are quickly taking over the eCommerce industry as the certified standard for efficient batch processing, tracking and delivery.

Here’s why!


Centralized Solutions

When you run an online business, you face a number of technical challenges pertaining to order status.

With Desktop Shipping, you create an integrated platform that gives you a centralized view of all orders, their packing slips, status, recent updates and item picklists. Seeing all your data in one virtual sphere helps you save time and cut costs considerably with the help of advanced cloud management solutions.


Competitive Advantage

As one of several businesses in the online market, you’re up against some tough competition. Desktop shipping allows you to stand out of the crowd by finding your own competitive edge. This could mean offering the lowest carrier rates, or offering integrated quality control tools to mobilize reporting and analyze process flow for greater efficiency.


Compliance Checks

Another challenge in eCommerce is making sure that the right package goes to the right destination.

Desktop shipping makes this part of the process exceedingly simple as it runs frequent compliant checks to ensure that parcels do not end up in embargoed countries or with denied parties.


Savings Maximization

By consolidating to a few carriers, you can use desktop shopping shipping operations to dramatically lower your annual shipping costs. In addition, having access to a centralized platform can help you run a tighter ship as you control and implement appropriate shipping policies as needed, while setting high standards of service.

At the same time, not knowing how to manage an advanced desktop shipping software can add to an organization’s hidden costs—while correct implementation may lead to increased shipping by an annual 20%.

Interested in making the big leap?

Check out ProcessWeaver’s state-of-the-art shipping solutions and request a demo for their next-generation multi-carrier shipping management software today!


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