Desktop and Campus Multi-Carrier Shipping Software


Carrier Rating

Rate accurately for parcel, LTL, TL, freight forwarders

Freight Audit

Analyze and audit electronically received carrier invoices data

Freight Shopping

Lowest cost transportation mode and carrier selection based on business rules

Mobility for Drivers & Carriers

Enable carriers and drivers to capture shipments events for each milestone, capture photos, signature and data sharing

Address Validation

Validate address for accurate delivery and eliminate correction surcharges

Advanced Routing Guide

Configure business rules to route shipments with optimal carrier/service level

Export Filing

Correctly file electronically to avoid delays at customs and avoid potential penalties

Shipment Execution

Process shipment by picking, packing, weighing, rating, booking, printing labels & forms.

Shipment Visibility

Increase customer satisfaction with automated pro-active monitoring

Dangerous Goods Shipping

Validate shipment data against (DOT, IATA, ADR) and print hazmat document shipping papers, carrier labels, and BOL

Return Management Authorization

Enable self service returns portal by providing your shoppers with a hassle free return experience. Automate the printing of return labels

Warehouse & Dock Scheduling

Dock scheduling portal allows shippers to schedule location and times for carriers to arrive for either pick-up or delivery.

Campus Shipping Desktop Shipping Using Fedes,UPS,DHL,USPS and Many More

Take control of you shipping and streamline your business operations with desktop and campus shipping

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Increased Flexibility

Campus and Desktop Shipping integrated shipping platform offers a carrier selection based on customer defined business rules.

Increase On Time Delivery

Campus and Desktop Shipping multi-carrier shipping set “on-time delivery” as a top performance measurement for your organization.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Campus and Desktop Shipping Shipping Software looks at various parameters to reduce the shipping cost.

Boosted productivity

Get more done in less time using ProcessWeaver’s integrated Campus and Desktop Shipping TMS platform.

Improved security and compliance

ProcessWeaver’s TMS platform is customer validated and certified with over 10,000 carriers globally for parcel, LTL, TL, freight forwards and ocean freight carriers.

A Simpler, Unified way of Working

Unified & user-friendly interface for parcel, LTL,TL, Freight Forwarder and Ocean freight logistics operations.

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Campus and Desktop Shipping Integrated Inbound & Outbound TMS

Efficiency with Shipping Integration


Speed to market

Data security

Savings on shipping cost

Flexibility with Shipping Automation


Ability to add new carriers

Configurable multi-carrier shipping platform

Easy to deploy additional locations

Strategic value with PW desktop and campus shipping software

Enables organizations focus on their core

Regular carrier updates


Competitive edge