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ProcessWeaver Inc. has an aggressive Employee Referral Policy. You are encouraged to recommend and refer qualified candidates for employment with ProcessWeaver Inc. If you know of someone who would like to work here, we will be glad to consider them for employment. You can get an Employee Referral Form from your designated company representative.

Should your candidate be hired by ProcessWeaver Inc. for a full-time regular position, and if that person satisfactorily completes the Introductory Period and their first three months at the project site, you will receive a $250 bonus for the referral. This bonus entitlement does not apply to individuals who are normally responsible for recruiting and hiring functions.

For detailed position descriptions, please contact your designated company representative or see the Human Resources Office.



Open Positions:


Positions: Software Engineer


Hours: Full-time Forty hours per week


Work site: 2600 N. Central Expressway, Suite 500, Richardson, Texas 75080. May work at various unanticipated office locations throughout the US, relocation may be required. Position permits working from home office anywhere in the US. May/can telecommute.


Job Duties


Software Engineer: Interact with programmers and system analysts to design and modify ProcesWeaver Supply-Chain software modules. Understand capabilities and limitations of software, network, interfaces. Discuss with Client, Users, Business People to understand and analyze user requirements. Analyze and estimate software modules that will meet the project goals including timelines, cost and resource availability, within acceptable risk level. Deploy and integrate ProcessWeaver flagship software products like Enterprise Centralized Shipping (ECS), Global Trade EEI SED Link (GEL), Enterprise Track and Trade (ETT), and Enterprise Freight Auditing (EFA) to make them work in different customer systems and improve their performance. Gather, analyze and compare data on software and system performance.

Minimum Educ/Exp: Bachelor Degree or foreign equivalent degree in CS/Eng/Sci/EE/ related and two years of work experience. Must have one year of experience in ERP, SQL, and Crystal Reports. Applications/resumes should be directed to: ProcessWeaver, Inc. 2600 N Central¬¬¬ Expy, Suite #500, Richardson, TX 75080, USA.

Applications/resumes should be directed to ProcessWeaver, Inc. 2600 N. Central Expressway, Suite 500, Richardson, Texas 75080



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