Being On Time Will Save Your Online Business

Posted by David Vannoy on November 26, 2018 6:00:00 PM

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Timeliness is crucial for the success of your ecommerce platform. Lack of physical presence puts extra stress on appearance and timeliness of your package.

Delays in delivery time or lack of tracking services can cost you customers and severely impact profitability.

Adherence to delivery timeframe influence customer satisfaction and sets you apart from your competition. Companies, who make sweeping claims about same-day delivery and fail to deliver, lose credibility and customer trust.

On-time delivery is the ability to meet customer demands on a pre-determined time and place. You need to deliver your product in the right place, at the right time. Avoid customer disappointment by fulfilling your promise and offering unparalleled after-sale services. On-time delivery needs to be your business priority, because of the key-role it plays in your profitability.

Impact of On-time Delivery

Builds reputation

You make a promise to deliver the product on time. Customers lose trust if the product doesn’t reach their doorstep on the agreed delivery date.

A survey indicated that 42 percent of online buyers abandon their carts because of late delivery dates. On-time delivery is an easy way to develop trust and brand image

Shipment Delivery Tracking Software

Builds customer relationship

1. A disappointed customer doesn’t remain loyal to your company.
2. Delay in delivery time ruins your first impression, and prevents them from making a repeat purchase.
3. Adhering to delivery timelines builds a good impression of your brand.
4.This allows you to sell other offers and products to your customers.

Reinstates customer confidence

The shopping experience begins from the moment the customer logs on to your website. Online shoppers make a purchase because they are interested in your product.
You need to validate their choice by providing an exceptional customer experience.
30 percent of buyers expect overnight delivery and companies that deliver on-time encourage customer confidence in their brand.
Online shoppers look for reliable e-commerce platform that quickly delivers products.
Meeting their demands on the agreed-time makes your business authentic, reliable and trustworthy.

Improves your bottom-line

1/3rd of customers are willing to pay an extra-fee for faster delivery. With an effective shipping system that reduces delays and shipping risk, your business can enhance profit. On-time delivery builds customer confidence and satisfaction which leads to repeat purchase and customer loyalty, resulting in an increase in company’s profitability.
On-time delivery is only possible with a streamlined supply chain process. In order to make your shipping process free of bottlenecks and delays, integrate your supply chain with ecommerce shipping software.
Shipping software provides supply chain visibility, multiple carrier options, access to economical freight rate, packing and labeling services, and tracking facility
For industry-specific shipping solutions, get in touch with processweaver. you can experience process efficiencies by requesting demo.


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