Looking To Ship Internationally? Here’s How You Enhance Your E-Commerce For That

Posted by Susan Muro on Feb 27, 2018 5:19:00 PM

International expansion is exciting for all businesses. For e-commerce businesses, international expansion opens them up to a plenty of opportunities to grow their business sufficiently. With that being said, it’s important to understand the complexities that come with international expansion for e-commerce businesses.

It’s not as easy as just loading parcels on to trucks and send them off. International expansion requires certain changes to be made to the business.
E-commerce businesses need to be tweaked in order to make them more appealing to international markets.

If you’re e-commerce businesses as decided to begin operations abroad, here are some tips to enhance your transactions:


1) Localize your website

Don’t assume that people of all countries are comfortable with English – they aren’t. In certain countries, it will be absolutely impossible for you to secure customers without localizing your e-commerce website.

One such country is China; China offers businesses a massive consumer market, but without a localized strategy all businesses are doomed to fail there.

Customization of the entire website is key to success in international e-commerce markets.


2) Localize marketing efforts

Simply hiring translation services isn’t enough; marketing strategies need to be localized too. Your product offerings may have to differ for certain markets. For example, if you’re selling electronic devices, the demand for expensive products will be much less in developing nations.


3) Change your payment methods

Payment methods differ from one country to another. People of certain countries still hesitate to make online payments and prefer Cash on Delivery instead.


4) Assess your shipping solutions

Successful penetration into international markets by an e-commerce business demands superior shipping solutions. You need to work on developing a fool-proof distribution system that customers receive the right packages on time and in good condition.

Keeping in mind that shipping costs will change as well according to the regions you’re delivering in. On certain orders you’ll be able to save more money than others.

ProcessWeaver offers inbound and outbound shipping software and digital tools that allow shipping companies to streamline their processes. With our shipping solutions, our client’s are able to make informed decisions on purchasing carrier capacity, forecasting demands while keeping track of outgoing shipments.

After evaluating all processes and the shortcomings of your current system, we’ll recommend one of the many shipping software (such as SAP Hybris, IBM WebSphere, etc.) we offer that will improve your revenues and output too.

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