5 Shipping Practices to Help Online Retailers Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience.

Posted by David Vannoy on April 4, 2019 4:30:00 PM

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The wait begins from the moment the customer adds a product to their cart. Anticipation builds the longer you make them wait. When you fall short on your promise, you have to face the wrath of an unsatisfied customer on every social media page.

The way you treat your customers help build your brand perception and customer experience. Hence, your order placement and shipping process should be built to facilitate your customer.

Maintain Inventory

Availability of products is essential to attract customers to your page. If you’re not offering the right products, you will not gain the right traffic on your website. If you don’t have the inventory to match the product offering claims on your site, you will fail to meet orders.

With help of shipping software, you can maintain inventory according to the demands of your customers and sales pattern. Availability of real-time data will improve your forecasting ability, allowing you to maintain a transparent inventory on all channels.

Monitor Seasonal Demand

Shipping Software

Study the data provided by your integrated shipping software carefully. It will highlight seasonal requirements of some products.

You can increase and decrease inventory of products depending on customer demand.

Providing exciting offers and discounts on popular products will help retain customers. A survey indicated that 42 percent of business improved customer experience in order to retain more customers.

Integrate Multiple Channel

Whether your customer is shopping from a mobile, desktop, or a store, a seamless customer experience is required.

Omni-channel uses multiple channels in an integrated way to reach customer. Optimizing and utilizing multiple channels in a cohesive manner allows you to attract and retain customer in a better way.

A study indicated that business that use Omni-channel marketing strategy retained around 89 percent of their customer.

Hence, invest in integrated shipping software that facilitates all type of customer’s buying patterns—desktop, phone, or store.

Order Tracking And Flexibility

Customer experience is developed when brands strikes a conversation with buyers. The customer’s sole concern is his/her product delivery. Make their wait easier by sending order placement and delivery notification.

Companies that provide effective shipment tracking services keep the customers engaged throughout the delivery process.

An order misplacement or delivery of wrong or defective product can generate frustration among customer. Around 67 percent of customers consider bad purchase experience as the reason for customers abandoning repeat purchase.

Make use of a comprehensive shipping software that allows you to confirm addresses, share order tracking, make adjustments to order place, time and payment mode, and use multiple carriers.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

Shipment Tracking Software

Your inventory needs to be correctly label sand stored in order to reach your customer in time.

Opt for shipping software that allows you to pack and ship product with few clicks. You can save shipping cost by making the parcel compact.

Add a personalized note or a coupon to reward the client’s purchase.

Moreover, provide multiple carrier options to your customer, buyers like option in delivery time and mode. Some might even agree to pay extra for an early delivery. Therefore, always keep customer’s convenience in mind.

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